How To Become A Top 100 YouTube Channel

How To Become A Top 100 YouTube Channel

Want to pull in millions of subscribers like the top 100 channels do? Columbia College in Chicago just released a study of YouTube’s top tier and summarized the common characteristics of the most successful channels.  Out of the numerous factors covered in the research, here are several to highlight:

4 qualities of a Top 100 YouTube Channel:

1) Do speak English. 85% of the top channels are in English with Spanish coming in a far second at….5%.

2) Don’t produce serialized content i.e. don’t tell one story over a series of episodes. Out of all the hundreds of top channels, only ONE has serialized content

3) Do upload frequently. The top channels posted a median of 1.25 videos per week.

4) Do make consistent content. 64% of the top 100 channel produces the same style and format of content for each episode.

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Partner Q&A

This month, we ran a VISO contest which asked the question: “What’s the most unexpected thing to happen while making a video?” And you answered with stories that ranged from car crashes to police arrests to disruptive cats. Kudos (and a $100 Amazon certificate) goes to Jesse W. from Burnaby B.C. with this story that scored top chuckles from us:

“I was working on one of my first videos on my [channel] and all of a sudden I heard a huge bang and my walls shook. I went running outside to see that a ford f-150 had went through my yard, crashed into part of my house, through the other garden, and in to my neighbors car (which she was in)! Turns out some old man in a stolen truck took the wrong medication and passed out at the wheel, everybody was OK, though I had to help rip off my neighbors car door to get her out, she had a concussion. The whole street was closed down and everything. So yea I guess that’s the most unexpected thing that’s happened while I was making a video. I also lost a lot of progress on my video because the power got cut…”

Check out Jesse’s channel, Think Outside The TV and look ahead to the 2 runner-up stories which we’ll post next week.

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