2 Ways to Really Reach Your Audience

Social Media

You’ve got inspiration out the wazoo, creativity seeping out of every orifice, and you’ve been optimizing your content like a champion for months now – but your audience is looking for something that you can’t offer alone: a second personality.  Unless your content is thriving off of your complicated case of schizophrenia, collaboration with other YouTubers is one of 2 killer ways to get your channel noticed.  But how do you get started?

For just a moment, think of yourself as a salesperson for your channel’s content.  What are the strengths of your channel?  What do you think your audience looks like?  What kind of content do you create?  These 3 questions will help you determine what your ideal collaborator looks like, and it’s a good mindset to get into if you’re looking to team up with someone.  Having a good sense for this info will help you convince your potential collaborator that working with you will be good for them.

The next step is finding a suitable channel / creator to work with.  That means figuring out a basic plan for content that will not only help your channel, but also be beneficial to your teammate.  Then comes the fun part – watching YouTube videos and finding a channel that fits the plan you’ve created.  For example, if you’re a gamer – search for someone who is interested in the same game and would be a good fit with your personality and content.  For the best results, take a look at the size of their channel too.  If their channel is about the same size or bigger than yours, you’re likely to get the most out of the partnership. if they’re smaller, you’ll be doing them a favor but will probably see less out of the collaboration yourself.

Once you’ve found someone to pair up with, it’s a matter of letting them know why the pairing would be good for them.  Promote yourself and your content.  Be confident.  Be friendly.  Most of all, show them how awesome you are!  With luck, they’ll be on board with what you want to do, and the rest is gravy.

But we said your audience was looking for ‘2’ things right?  Well, #2 is about a continued series with your new collaborator.  Giving both audiences something to look forward to is hugely beneficial to both channels.  You’ll be able to reach out to your collaborator’s audience, and they’ll do the same for yours.  YouTube is a massive space – share the love and find strength in numbers.  Your channel’s subscriber count won’t regret it!