3 Factors That Get You With The Program on YouTube


So you posted a video and BAM, it’s a hit!  People are flocking to your channel and buzzing around your name.  You’ve got a voice, you’ve got a style, and you’ve got something that’s going viral.  But now here’s the tricky part, you need the to keep this momentum up.  OK, so what’s your next move?  Hint: unless you’re hitting Gangnam-level views, this is not a ticket to early retirement.

This is the moment you hope you planned ahead for – this is the time you stick to the Program.  One of the best tactics to reach long-term success on YouTube is creating programming.  This comes down to developing cohesive viewing experiences for viewers. You can do this by creating a series or a variety of series rather than uploading randomly.

There are 3 Factors to this:


Who’s your audience and what do they enjoy?  Figure this out and uncover what it is that’s got them hooked on you.  Tap into this and you might soon have a loyal band of followers spreading the word about your channel.

Program Longevity:

Figure out if you’ve got enough content to keep this going for more than 2-3 videos.  If it’s a series you’re after, map out the content ahead of time and you’ll get an idea of how many videos you will have.  You may realize you’ll need to breakdown your content further to keep it going longer – BUT don’t do this if it kills the content quality.

Realistic Execution:

Your first few videos set expectations for your audience in your content quality and updating frequency.  Is it possible to continue creating a video of the quality you’ve set each and every week?  If not, you should re-think how to make this feasible.

VISO Catalyst is built with tools that significantly cut down on the time you spend uploading and ensures full video optimization to reach your target audience.  This way you can get back to creating content and hit your series deadlines each week. So start thinking of the big picture and find an idea you can stick to.