3 Steps to Plan Your YouTube Content Like a Network

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You’re a YouTube entrepreneur, and you’ve got a business to run.  So, what’s the first thing that goes into running a business?

At its most basic level, everyone needs a plan.

One of the biggest mistakes that we see by content creators on YouTube is the “what am I going to post today?” mentality.  Is adaptability important?  Absolutely, but a plan gives you a general schedule to work from, goals to meet, and a thread for your viewers to follow.  Every successful business has one, and we’re here to help make you successful – so what are the basics of a good business plan for your YouTube channel?

What’s Your Biggest Goal?

Figuring out your big goal is a great idea to help you define the overall strategy for your channel.  Do you want to be a famous eSports caster?  Do you have a travel channel and want to be a professional travel vlogger?  Keep that dream in your mind as you schedule and create your content.  It will not only help you get closer to reaching that goal, it will also help you define smaller goals along the road to success.

Make Time, and Take Your Time

A rushed job never looks as good as one that has had the proper time and energy dedicated to it.  As an entrepreneur, time is your most valuable commodity.  Use it wisely.  Set aside slots in your week that will be dedicated to your projects in a way that fits your content volume and your schedule.  Even if that means only a few hours a week, set those hours aside so you can stay focused on the task at hand.

Make The Most Out of Your Effort

Content is one thing, but a masterfully produced video is tough to justify if you don’t dedicate the same effort making sure it gets seen.  Optimizing your keywords properly, creating an intriguing title and thumbnail, and engaging on your channel are important practices in making sure that your efforts aren’t wasted.  Platforms like VISO Catalyst can be a big help in this area for those with access like VISO partners, but it’s worth every ounce of attention you can give it.