3 Tips: How To Get More Subscribers With The ‘One Channel’ Layout

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Have you switched? We’ve seen a mix of both new and old channel layouts in the VISO Community. Some of you have even told us you’ve tried the new layout, but have since gone back to the old. Word on the street is that Google will wait until mid-May for most partners to complete the transition. So we’re using this time to discover the best way to use the new layout before it becomes mandatory. Here are some notes we’ve found useful.

1) Playlists

The new design showcases playlists more prominently beside videos. Since curation is the buzzword at YouTube these days, remember to:

2) Channel Avatars

If you have text in your avatar, think about the fact that avatars are a quarter of the usual size when viewed in the Channel Guide and other searches. Consider how these look in a smaller square:

3) Subscribe Video

We’ve talked about this before, but it’s important enough to emphasize yet again. A compelling subscribe video is a great opportunity to convert one-time visitors to loyal fans. Think of it as an ad for your channel. When you’re planning out this video, keep in mind the following:

Those who subscribe to your channel are your fans and more than likely to share your videos with their friends. A good way to think about content strategy is to focus 60 percent of it on entertaining your audience, 30 percent on content that inspires them and 10 percent on self-promotion.

Do you hate, love, or are you still indifferent to the ONE Channel layout? Tweet me @phohop or email me at social@viso.tv.

Written by Priscilla Ho, Social Media and Marketing Specialist at BroadbandTV.