Tips to Make Your YouTube Channel Part of Something Bigger


Let’s face it, most of us aren’t limited to YouTube when it comes to what we enjoy.  You have passions outside the platform: sports, friends, projects, maybe even your own business.  So let’s take a look outside the box at your YouTube channel – how does it fit with your life?  How can you use it as a tool for something bigger.

A lot of Gamers, for example, have it down to an art form.  Gamers bring YouTube into their passions by filming their favourite moments, commenting on the exploration of new or old games, and casting esports competitions that they would love to watch anyways.  But what about other examples?

Our friend Paige is a perfect example of using YouTube as part of her larger picture.  She has a passion for film, and a brilliant skill for scaring the pants off her viewers with her original videos and shorts (don’t worry, her channel has other fun stuff on it too).  Paige is using her YouTube channel to help promote her feature film ‘Thr33’ in snippets before it goes into post-production and distribution.  This is a big goal and a big next step for this multi-talented content creator.  You can help her reach her goal and get your name in the credits from her indiegogo page.

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