3 Ways That VISO Catalyst Can Grow Your YouTube Audience


As you may or may not be aware, VISO Catalyst has been available to partners of BBTV networks for the better part of a year now, and we’ve seen some great success coming from content creators that have had the chance to use it.  At its core, VISO Catalyst is what we call a “companion platform” for YouTubers, meaning that it’s intended to help you with absolutely everything you do on your channel – from upload to analysis.  For a little detail though, here are 3 big features of the platform that are what separate it from anything else out there:

1.  Auto-Optimization

Keywords and thumbnails can be a pain to optimize on your own, and who knows if you’re getting it right?  VISO Catalyst has been built to auto-optimize your video by providing recommended keywords based on the type of content that you produce.  These have allowed creators to see a 34% boost in viewership (surveyed from a random 1,062 video pool).  Cooler still, the thumbnail generator within VISO Catalyst pulls the most appealing frames in your videos and offers you the best ones to choose from as thumbnails.  From there, you can customize your image with the image editor, upload your own image, and save a template for later.

2.  Getting the Big Picture

Big Picture isn’t some saying that our grandparents use anymore, it’s actually a tool right within VISO Catalyst that allows you to see all your most important data right up front.  But it’s not just data, the interface actually offers ways to improve in areas that your content may be lacking while pointing out your successes and how to replicate them.  We call these tips “actionable insights” because you can actually ACT on them with a click on the recommendation itself.

3.  Constant Evolution

There are tons of other features in VISO Catalyst that content creators can take advantage of to grow their channels, but a big part of this intuitive companion platform is that it’s constantly evolving, and meeting the needs of the people that are using it.  More importantly, we listen closely to your feedback and take it into big consideration when working on new features.  Looking for something that VISO Catalyst doesn’t offer yet?  Send us your feedback and let us know!