4 Engagement Essentials for Your Viewers


YouTube is a totally different beast than it used to be, and there has been a big shift of what viewers look for in a video.  Putting a kitten in your content just doesn’t cut it anymore (though it never hurts), so here are four essentials that will help you compete with the biggest channels online.

1.  Quality Video Recording

Whether you capture your content on your computer screen, or use an actual camera to nab your footage, your video quality needs to be up to snuff in order to compete.  Luckily the cost of these tools has gone down a lot, and you can get some dynamite video quality with a pretty minimal investment.

Do your research and find out what camera or video card works best in your price range, and don’t be afraid to shell out an extra $10 for higher quality.

2.  A Good Sound Editor

Here at VISO, there’s nothing we find more gut-wrenching than poor sound quality when we’re watching videos – and we’re not alone!  Whether too loud, too quiet, staticky or robotic, bad sound is a big turn off for your viewers.

There are plenty of free options out there to edit your sound, and your recording device often works double-time here.  Better yet, you can also try recording in rooms or places with minimal background noise or echo – it’s a big plus for quality.

3.  Video Editing

No need to make it flashy, but smooth scene transitions and clean cuts go a long way in making your content more appealing.  There are free options everywhere, so be sure to play with them before making the investment in one with more features!

4.  VISO Catalyst

Besides being our pride and joy, VISO Catalyst is pretty much the be-all-end-all companion for any content creator.  Engagement requires eyeballs on your content, and that’s exactly what the platform does.