4 Ways To A Better Audience Experience

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This photo is copyright (c) 2008 pthread1981.

This photo is copyright (c) 2008 pthread1981.

When it comes to YouTube videos most would think that content is all that matters. But it takes more than that to create a strong and memorable connection with your audience.  Here are some good ways to get started or to continue building your YouTube success with all the available resources out there.

Get Inspired
YouTube content creators are creatives by nature but once in a while a little bit of motivation does not hurt.  In fact, it might just spark the next big idea you’re looking for.  Whether you are struggling to come up with new ideas or lacking the thrill for making a video, try taking a look at the timeless work of other passionate YouTubers.  For example, time-travel back in 2006, and ask yourself again the question “Where the Hell is Matt?” .  What was he doing right or differently to gain that amount of views, and what could you learn from it?  (He keeps on dancing in 2012, by the way.)

Step Up Your Game

Stay up to date with the options to edit and improve your video skills. Don’t be afraid to learn software like After Effects or Cinema 4D  to create mind-blowing channel intros, cleaner green screen footage or crazy special effects, Lynda.comVideo Copilot and Greyscale Gorilla all have step-by-step free tutorials and are a great start to useful software that will improve the overall quality of your videos.

Connect Beyond Replies
As 5 Ways Every Youtube Creator Should Interact with Their Fans article mentioned “You don’t have to respond to every comment but responding to interesting critiques and thought-provoking questions will give the impression that you are listening to your fans and appreciate their opinions”. However, if possible, also make sure you let them know that you are available to answer those questions on Twitter or your Facebook page and take that interaction beyond. A website, blog and social media pages showcased on your channel give others the opportunity to get to know you better and help them relate to your content and personal brand.

Be Aware
Get to know everything that VISO offers you. Be sure to follow Twitter and Facebook for updates and exclusive opportunities for partners and plenty of tips and tricks to keep on expanding your network.
As YouTube wrote, “everyone is your fan, they just don’t know it yet”.By Mariana Montes de Oca – Gamer, Tarantino fan and Jr Graphic Designer for BroadbandTV. Shout me a tweet in English, Spanish or Japanese to @idesignedhere.