5 YouTube Features You Should Use


As a YouTuber, every little trick and tip can help you get discovered in a sea of millions of videos and also improve your overall brand.  Here are 5 small suggestions to improve your channel and push you to the next level.

Introduce Yourself

It’s time to write a kick ass bio!  Remember that this information won’t only appear on your homepage but also in searches and suggested channel categories so make sure you get the right words to describe your content as well as show off your personality. Give viewers a good sense of your channel before they even watch a single video.

Retina-Ready Channel

YouTube finally allows partners to upload a file that is 2560 X 1440 instead of 1564 X 423 for their channel art. This will accommodate retina displays –  in non-retina displays, the image will be scaled with the same aspect ratios. Not bad, right?

Upload on HD

If you can upload on HD, there is no excuse not to do it. Good image quality matters and the possibility of using the highest resolution available to watch videos will be a thrill for anyone excited about your content.

Make A Playlist

Organize your videos into themes to make it easier for your audience to find out what they like the most. It’s OK to have a variety of content on your channel, but it doesn’t work for viewers if they have to look at each video and figure out which one of your 200 videos they want to watch.

Use Annotations

Whether they serve as subscribe buttons, links to related videos, prompts for users to upload a video response or types of interactive games, annotations are a great resource that you should use every time you upload to engage users.  Don’t ever miss a chance to show them what your channel has to offer.

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