6 Types of Videos All People Want to Watch

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If you want eyeballs on your screen, you need to find out what your audience likes to watch. No matter what kind of videos you produce – whether they are music videos or gaming walkthroughs, there are categories of video content, which appeal to everyone. Here’s our breakdown of the top types of videos people want to see:

1) Videos that gives us a “place to start”

Sometimes your audience wants to accomplish something but they don’t even know where to begin. Help your viewers by creating a tutorial video, which gives them a step-by-step guide.

2) Videos that inspire

Your content could be a powerful tool, which sparks inspiration in your audience. People often need a push to get started on their goals, you could be the key to a new beginning for some of your viewers.

3) Videos that motivate

Maybe you’ve found a way to inspire your audience but what happens after that?  You want to create videos which also encourage people to take action. Lay out a plan for your viewers and  provide specific directions and guidance. Don’t leave your audience hanging with just a call to inspiration. Tell them exactly how to do what they want to do.

4) Videos that reveals “secrets”

What’s going to make you a popular video channel? You want to give away some of the tips and secrets that will make your audience’s life better. Whether they are video game “cheats” or fail-safe diet tips, you’re going to win fans with this approach.

5) Videos that challenges assumptions

If you have the opportunity to blow some minds with information that is totally different from what most people would expect, you should do it! Find data, examples, or life stories that show people that destroys commonly-held beliefs and viewers will flock to watch.

6) Videos that make us feel good

Many viral videos are ones that simply make us laugh. What do people really want? They just want a break and they want to be entertained. So go out there and produce some videos that are just PURE FUN!

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By Karen Young Chester, Social Media and Marketing Strategist for BroadbandTV.  Tweet her @karenychester or @viso or email at socialmedia@broadbandtvcorp.com.