7 Rules of Copyright

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Copyright is a tricky thing to navigate in the wilderness of YouTube so we’ve put together a handy list of 7 Copyright Pitfalls to Avoid. Follow our guide and don’t fall prey to the copyright traps that surround you.

1) Thumbnails – Images of celebrities may be enticing but don’t get ensnared into using people or graphic content to your video thumbnails without the person’s or content provider’s permission.

2) Remixes – Danger! Changing the tempo of an original work, adding a different beat, or editing a small part of the song are not enough to make it okay to use that content for your videos, unless you have permission to both upload and monetize.

3) Free Downloads – Tunes from Soundcloud may be free but they don’t include the right to use the music for uploading and monetization on your videos. Don’t get confused by the availability of free music.

4) Licensed Music in a Game – This one’s a treacherous little trap. Licensed commercial music, even if it is embedded into the product, is not acceptable. In-game audio is okay, but only if that music is not licensed from an artist. For example, the Grand Theft Auto series would not be okay to upload due to the radio station feature they have and they embed real artists within their content which may not be okay for users to upload and monetize. There is a difference between in-game music composed by a game developer and music recorded by an artist and used in a game. Having music recorded by an artist within your video may result in a copyright strike or an automated content ID match.

5) Mix and Match Music within Games – Let’s not go down the road of mixing and matching music from one game to another. For example: Don’t take Super Mario music and use it in a Battlefield 3 video. That’s not going to fly with YouTube.

6) Real Life Sports – Alert! Sports clips are not ok to use even for a few seconds. Unfortunately, even adding commentary does not make it alright.

7) TV, Movies, and Trailers: Has this tripped you up before? It’s not okay to upload TV or movie content unless you have written permission from the content owner to upload and monetize the content. Game trailers are not ok to use unless you have written permission from the content creator to upload and monetize.

Steer your way through these 7 pitfalls and it’s a smooth road to a copyright strike-free channel on YouTube. To learn more about copyright on YouTube, check out: www.youtube.com/yt/copyright/

What copyright problems have you had before?