Additional Metrics for Measuring the Performance of Your Youtube Channel

by Mehrdad Fatourechi and Lewis Ball

Although YouTube provides some very useful tools for managing your channel’s performance, there are also some great tools and resources outside YouTube that can help you a better understanding on how well your channels are doing.

Here are some good websites for measuring the performance of your channel:

Socialblade: Social Blade can give you a good snapshot of the growth of your channel. For example, for VISOCinema, we need to go to the VISOCinema’s page on Socialblade and look at the stats. We then get the following stats:

–        Daily change in the subscriber list

–        Daily change in the video views

–        Daily change in the channel views

–        Estimated earning (this metric is actually not accurate, so we advise against using it in your analysis)

It also has daily stats, which give you a good idea about changes in your subscribers list.

Finally, Social Blade provides a good snapshot of how your recent and most viewed videos are performing. As an example, for VISOCinema, when we go to the related link , we get the following stats: Video Title, Published Date, Length , View count, Avg Rating, No. of Ratings, No. of Favorites, Number of Comments and Estimated Video Earnings (again, the last metric is not accurate at all)

Vidstatsx: Vistatx can also provide useful and complementary information about your channel that you do not necessarily find on Youtube’s Google Analytics. This information includes your Subscriber, Video Views and Channel Views Ranks compared to the rest of Youtube Channels (see the stats for VISOTrailers as an example:

Vidstatx also gives you your hourly channel subscribers, your daily subscribers (last 14 days) and daily channel views (last 14 days). For individual videos, the Videos tab , gives you important and useful information for 50 most recent/top rated/most viewed videos that you have uploaded. The information includes the title of the video, its category, Date of upload, the length, the number of views, its average rating, No. of Favorites and No. Comments. This information is also available under separate tabs (called Most Recent, Most Viewed and Top Rated) as well.

And of course, if you are not already doing so make sure you have linked your channel to a google analytics account. Google Analytics provides you with some fantastic information on channel data that you will not see in YouTube Analytics.