Are You Lighting Your Video Wrong?


Most people think their video looks fine with no extra lighting, but if you want to stand out and take your videos to the next level, a small lighting kit will help you get there. Lighting for video is not difficult, and with the tools available today, it’s also┬ávery affordable. A basic lighting technique is called the “3-point lighting” This technique illuminates the person with 3 different light sources and gives the subject a more appealing and dimensional look. In this set-up, we have the key light, the fill light and the back light:

With this simple technique you are able to make yourself or your subject look more appealing and show your audience that you care about the quality of content that you’re producing. Feel free to play around with light intensity, colour and angles to create different effects and moods. If you’re ready to start lighting, here’s an affordable light kit that will allow you to create a 3-point lighting set-up.