3 Camera Stabilizers You NEED For Your Camera PLUS Comedy Collab Lab Listings

Camera A

Video shakiness is a trademark of low quality video and if you want to increase your production value, it should be reduced as much as possible so you don’t give your audience a big headache.

A camera stabilizer is a support device that allows you to capture smooth looking video and reduces the shakiness you normally see in amateur videos.

There are many ways to stabilize your video, but this time we’ll focus on the steadicam-type stabilizers.

These are 3 popular camera stabilizers that are also very affordable (Compared to the $10,000+ stabilization systems http://bhpho.to/eBhwaA).

Remember that all these stabilizers are aimed towards DSLR cameras and small Handycams. If you want to use bigger cameras, you might want to look into stabilizers with more load capacity and even a vest/arm attachment.

Achieving great shots with these devices takes a lot of practice, so make sure you know your way around your stabilizer before going on a shoot.

VISO Comedy Collab Lab Listings This Week

Looking for a collaboration with other VISO Comedy partners? Check out the Collab Lab List in our blog post. We’ll be posting more next week – if you want to be listed, fill out the form here http://bit.ly/funnycollab

Looking for: Actor / Host, Camera Operator
Where: Vancouver, Canada
Channel: Hoodwinked Films
Contact: David – hoodwinked.films@gmail.com

Looking for: Cross-promotion.  “We do gaming and comedy sketches. We are looking for someone to do a collaboration to cross-promote each other”
Where: Brewster, New York, USA
Channel: Become a YDB Gamer
Contact: youdabrogames@gmail.com

Looking for: Actor / Host. “My show ‘Jokes of the Week’ is perfect for collaborating. Every week I read jokes
and editorials, so I could simply let you ‘co-host’ and read some of my jokes, or you could do an editorial of your own”
Where: San Jose, California
Channel: Jokes of the Week
Contact: Sam – sambowerscomedy@yahoo.com

Looking for: Camera Operator / Cross Promotion
Where: Burbank, California
Channel: Public Prank
Contact: DJSennettProductions@gmail.com

Looking for: Camera Operator, Graphic Designer, Special Effects, Cross-Promotion
Where: Canada
Channel: Tactix87
Contact: Tactix – asktactix@gmail.com