Combating the “Oh Shiny” Effect With YouTube Annotations

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Let’s face it, your videos are great.  Heck, you’re awesome!  So, why aren’t more people sticking to your channel when they see a video or two? Unfortunately, despite your obvious charm, the average viewer on YouTube has a short attention span that can be tough to overcome.  

Luckily, YouTube has implemented a good few ways to combat what we like to call the “Oh Shiny” Effect that seems to be an epidemic amongst the viewer population.  Today, we’re going to discuss why annotations are a great way keep your YouTube viewers engaged on your channel.

Battling Shiny With Shiny

With tools like VISO Catalyst’s Thumbnail Customizer making recommended videos more enticing, well-placed and creative annotations are key to keeping your viewers glued to your content.  Play around with the placement, design and timing of your annotations to get the best fit with your content, just remember not to block your video with flashy buttons because you’re more likely to just frustrate your viewers.

Paving The Path

When choosing your annotations, it’s important to think about where you want to drive your viewers.  Do you want them to stick to your channel?  Drive them to social media?  To your website?  Any of these could be the right choice as you look to keep people engaged with your content and personal brand, but recognizing which actions you want your viewers to take is vital to the success of your annotations.

End Slates On Rollerskates

End Slates are the ideal time to use annotations to get your viewers moving to your preferred destinations because they are already looking for what to do next.  End Slates put them in the right direction when they’re most open to listening, especially if they liked your content.  This will ultimately ease your viewers into more subscriptions, and more views.