Content Rights – Fishin’ for Permission


Plenty of YouTubers (especially gamers) have been shaken by the whole streak of video claims this week, and change can be a bit jarring as a content creator.  Fortunately, a lot of these claims are actually false because they automatically latched onto rightfully owned content, so here’s some helpful information that will hopefully quell some concerns.

ContentID The How, The Why, and What It Means

ContentID is a bit of a mystery to many content creators, and that’s part of the reason that it can be a little bit unnerving.  ContentID and claiming is basically an automated scanner that YouTube and various other providers offer to large content owners like music companies, game companies, TV producers and movie makers.

Once something’s been rightfully claimed by an automated service, the owner of the content may block, monetize or simply track the video.  More importantly, if the owner chooses to block the video the uploader may actually lose some functionality on his or her account until it’s removed.

Claims are, however, YouTube’s way of supporting a good video culture while sticking to copyright laws; control goes to the rightful owner, and fans avoid potential copyright strikes.

Dealing With False Claims

As with a lot of automated services, ContentID and 3rd party claims might not catch all of the intricate rights details before claiming content.  Luckily, if you are confident that you have proper permission to own a particular piece of content that’s been claimed, you can dispute the claim.

Right from your Video Manager, you can click the underlined link to the right of the video’s Edit menu to learn more about its claim (Learn more).  From there, if you are confident in your ownership of the content, you can dispute the claim.

Your dispute may not go through, but you can generally appeal if you think the dispute has been wrongfully denied.  YouTube’s on your side and as long as you have ownership of your content, they’ll do what they can to protect you.

Just remember, don’t upload content that you don’t wholly own.  Gaming and music content may be prone to claims, so be sure to double check your rights to that content if you choose to upload it.