Cut The Flab From Your YouTube Collab


Have you had a chance to test out the new Collaboration features in VISO Catalyst? The tool has only been out for a few weeks so far, and it has already resulted in hundreds of new conversations surrounding your brilliant ideas and projects!

Here’s a little run-down on how it works…


Through the oodles of feedback we get from you, our awesome partners, we discovered that ‘Big Picture’ was among your favourite tools within VISO Catalyst because of the quick snapshot it takes of your channel’s performance. Well, a pretty key feature to the Collaboration tool is actually integrated right into Big Picture.

You’ll notice now that you can see “Your Top Match” as you peruse your interface, and you can click “Get in Touch” to send that person a quick message about your next project. Pretty awesome, right? Well, what’s even cooler is how VISO Catalyst chooses that potential match as a suggested collaborator.

The Think Tank came up with an intelligent algorithm to search through the thousands of creators using VISO Catalyst and come up with this recommendation based off of your interests, the type of content you produce, the size of your channel and more. This means there’s a lot of thought behind each match you see, and it also means you might just find that like-minded collaborator you’ve been seeking out.



Sometimes, the best collaborations come from just putting yourself out there for other creators to find. Maybe you need someone else’s video editing talents to get the most out of your killer idea, or maybe just need a helping hand on-camera. Either way, the “Request” features in the Collaboration tab have you covered.

“Search Requests” to find and filter through a massive list of all the ideas out there. Narrow down your results however you like, and get in touch right on the spot if you find a gem that catches your eye. Better yet, use the “Create Request” feature to bring your own ideas to the masses and let the responses roll in.

Collaboration’s never been this easy, so be sure to check it out in VISO Catalyst today!