Doing Something Different With Your YouTube Channel


Find that your views aren’t going up as much as they used to?  Often the reason for a plateau or even a drop in your channel’s activity is too much of the same old thing.  A good content idea is a great thing at first, but if it goes on for too long it’s likely to lose momentum at some point if you aren’t on the ball.

People thrive off of new content, which is why YouTube has become such a massive destination for internet users worldwide.  With that in mind, thinking of new content ideas is a great way to stay current and build interest in your channel.  Creativity is, after all, the reason you got into YouTubing isn’t it?  Start flexing those creative muscles and try something new with your channel; you might even find something that you’re passionate about!

Here’s our very own Peter to tell you in a more “animated” way.  He’s got the lowdown that will help you put a stop the slowdown.

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