Increase Views Through Video Responses

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Have you recently seen a popular video on YouTube which you’d like to talk about AND also piggyback on its popularity? Here’s how to use Video Responses to create relevant content and drive traffic to your video:

1) Choose someone else’s video which is a) already popular or is trending upwards, b) on a topic that you want to expand on, agree with, or debate.

2) Click under their video to make a comment and choose to Create a Video Response.

3) Choose from one of your existing videos or upload a new one.

4) Your Video Response will appear under the video when it’s been approved by the owner.

Note: Choose wisely because your video can only be a Response to one other video. In addition, make sure your video is relevant. There’s nothing more annoying than a totally unrelated Video Response and also it’ll be less likely to drive traffic.

By Karen Young Chester, Social Media and Marketing Strategist for BroadbandTV. Tweet her @karenychester or @viso or email at socialmedia[at]