3 Things to Avoid on Facebook and Twitter

One of the easiest ways to get more traffic to your YouTube videos is to talk about them on your social media platforms.

Facebook and Twitter are the top two external traffic referrals you want to pay attention to. The following tips on “what to avoid” can be a good refresher to check up on how you are engaging your fans and sharing your video content. Are you…

1) Making every post for everyone - Not every post needs to be for everyone. It’s okay to post something that targets a segment of your fans, who may be more enthusiastic about certain content. You might find more ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ buttons getting clicked.

2) Using hashtags on Facebook – If you’re cross-posting from Twitter, at least make sure that you delete the ‘#’ and ‘@’ symbols. Show your Facebook fans you care enough about your Facebook page.

3) Not leaving enough space to RT. You have 140 characters, but please don’t use them all. It’s usually a good idea to keep posts to about 100 – 120 characters to allow people who want to personalize their retweets to do so with freedom.

Constant Contact wrote up two great posts, 25 Things That Make You Look Dumb on Facebook and a similar one for Twitter, go read the full posts.

By Priscilla Ho, Social Media and Marketing Specialist at BroadbandTV Corp.
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