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When someone visits your YouTube channel you want to WOW them. Ideally, through the sheer brilliance of your video content – but it certainly doesn’t hurt to impress them with your channel background before they even click play. To continue our series on free resources for your videos, here is a collection of some of the best channel background design resources that won’t cost you a penny (important note: you still need to verify their license and make sure that you can use them for commercial purposes and that you are allowed to alter them).


1) is a great source for free stock photography. Most of the photos are amateur, but there are some really great finds here too if you have the time to search.

2) Dreamstime is your average stock photography site that has a small collection for free photos. Again, it’s mostly amateur, but you can definitely find some beautiful shots here if you look.

3) Professional stock photo sites like iStockPhoto, Shutterstock, BigStock and ThinkStock also offer one free, high-quality stock photo each week – although you don’t get to pick the photo, all you have to do is sign-up, download – and maybe you’ll find exactly what you need.


Here’s a superb collection of free web images and icon sets you can use – all courtesy of Smashing Magazine.

1) Icons, buttons and templates
2) Incredible free icon sets
3) The entire ‘freebies’ collection


If you don’t have the money to download Photoshop (like most people!), there are some other really great photo editing programs out there that won’t run you back $700; in fact, some of them are completely free!

1) Firstly, for some basic photo-editing there’s an in-browser photo-editor called Pixlr which has a lot of the same basic functionality as Photoshop, without the complex functions and fancy tools. For simple image editing for the web, this is top-notch – plus it comes with an array of wicked photo effects like Glamour Glow, Mimic HDR and Hope. Check it out!

2) Secondly, there’s GIMP. This is a free program you download for both web and print imagery. It’s not quite as intuitive as Pixlr, but it’s been out since the late 90’s and has a wide array of features and tools. If you get stuck, there are some very helpful tutorials too.


How about a little channel design inspiration? Here’s a short list of some of our favorite channel
background designs:

Colorful & Fun:

Clean & Professional:

Lastly, if you’re interested in adding some more flare to your YouTube videos, check out this article for some helpful places top get FREE video graphics.

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