Generally Speaking: Tag Specifics


No matter how buddy-buddy you’ve gotten with the platform, YouTube still can’t understand your video content on its own.  If you really want YouTube to get you, you need the right metadata.  Meta-what? Metadata, which is basically the group of text descriptors that go along with your video content.  That’s right, it’s time to use your words.

The first thing you’ll need is to figure out is the keywords that you can tag your video with, essentially making it searchable.  So what now? Now you think hard, well actually you think generally. Step one is figuring out what genre or general category your stuff fits into.  Is this music? Is this gaming?  Write out your general tags here.

Once you’ve got that down, think specifically of keywords that really tap into your content.  Get down to the nitty-gritty of what you’ve got and mix it up with words and phrases for max results.  Platforms like VISO Catalyst have built-in tools to optimize your keywords. The Tag Optimizer recommends relevant keywords to choose from, making your content more searchable.  Now your fans, or future fans, can see what you’ve got.

So remember, if you feel like YouTube isn’t getting your content or getting you to your audience, it’s probably because you’re missing the boat here. Get your metadata on target with VISO Catalyst.