How To Stay Motivated with YouTubing


Have you ever noticed that the passion and drive you once felt for your projects seem to take a back-seat as soon as money comes into play?

Maybe your evenings and weekends are spent creating brilliant videos for YouTube. You’re not in it for the money. You do it because you love to. It’s your passion. The autonomy that comes with it is better than any desk job.

One day,out of the blue, your videos begin to get tons of views and you starting to see some real money come in. You’re optimistic because you now have the opportunity all YouTubers dream of – to express yourself creatively online and actually earn substantial money doing something you love.

But soon you start to realize that the passion you once felt for the work is gone, and you no longer look forward to doing the work each day. The work you produce is still the same, high quality work that the viewer expects – but it lacks passion. So what changed? Why did you start to resent the work that was once your reason for getting up in the morning?

Before, you were creating for yourself alone. Bringing your own creative vision to life and the motivation to create was intrinsic, meaning it was something that you enjoyed doing for no reason other than it was fun. Then as soon as an extrinsically motivating factor gets introduced (like a pay cheque, that intrinsic motivation can become shadowed.

This shift in motivation is called the overjustification effect, and it occurs when a task or job that would be intrinsically rewarding receives an external incentive such as money or social status, and your motivation to do the job decreases. The focus is shifted to the other motivators and suddenly you’re a lot less driven to create purely for the joy of creating – which can be a major problem if you’re trying to grow your channel. Once you lose the passion for creating – your viewers will see it in the work you create and they will start to lose interest too.

To avoid becoming demotivated, try to focus on why you started creating videos in the first place. Was it your love of gaming? A desire to show off your comedy or musical skills? Or maybe you just love to create video and share it with the world. If you follow your true passion, eventually the money will come – just see it as an opportunity to create bigger and better videos and continue to follow your passion –  wherever it takes you.