How to Use YouTube’s New Tool For Your Brand


We’re always searching for ways to bring that extra value to your channel, but we’re not alone! YouTube’s team has your back too, and they just announced a big feature that should help you solidify your brand across your videos if you haven’t already.

You may have heard through the grapevine that YouTube introduced the ability to add a 3-second intro to all of your videos quickly and easily.

Now that’s pretty nifty, but how does it help your brand? Remember, your brand is the consistent look and feel surrounding everything you do. That 3-second intro could play a big role in that consistency, making sure your audience knows that they’re engaging with YOUR videos and not those from some other creator.

How to Use Them

Once you’ve created your awesome 3-second intro, upload it as an unlisted video. Then, from your InVideo programming page on your channel, simply select “add a channel branding intro” to add it to your chosen videos.

It’s a great way to stay consistent for new viewers who might be watching your older videos without proper branding. Enjoy!