Promote Your Video with YouTube’s New In-Video Programming


YouTube has just launched the In-Video Programming feature which will be a game-changing new way of promoting your videos. This feature allows you to embed a chosen video across all the videos on your channel. If you have an important new video you want to promote, the thumbnail can show up in the corner of all the videos on your channel, and drive the viewers of all your videos to the one you want them to see.

A few tips we have for you:

1) Upload an attractive thumbnail for your promoted video

2) Use a call-to-action on your thumbnail such as “WATCH”, “NEW” or a short text title

3) Position your thumbnail on the top right of the screen – viewers’ eyes tend to gravitate┬ánaturally towards this spot.

4) Specify the thumbnail to appear in the last 10-30 seconds of all your videos. Don’t insert the thumbnail too early in the videos because you don’t want to decrease the all-important watch times.

For a step-by-step guide, read YouTube’s section on in-video programming.


By Karen Young Chester, Social Media and Marketing Strategist for BroadbandTV. Tweet her @karenychester or @viso or email at socialmedia[at]