Is 1080p enough resolution? Enter 4K Resolution for YouTube Videos


Samsung TV Resolution

You’re old news, 1080p.  Watch out for the new game in town with 4K videos.  Also known as UHD, 4k ( 3840 x 2160 pixels ), is slowly making its way into the consumer market, with displays being manufactured by companies like Sony, JVC and LG, and cameras by RED, Canon and Sony.

These displays and cameras are currently unaffordable to most people, with displays starting at $10,000 and cameras going for $12,000+

YouTube currently supports 4k uploads.  However, the YouTube player will only display 2k (2048 x 1535). If you want to watch the full 4K file, you can download it using a YouTube downloader, and watch it in your shiny 4k display. If you happen to have one sitting around.

4k is definitely the future of broadcasting, but don’t expect it to become the standard by next week, as there are still many issues regarding acquisition, storage and distribution of content.

If you’re still creating your videos with a cellphone, a DSLR or a camcorder that doesn’t shoot 4k, don’t be discouraged, keep shooting and keep creating. The 4k wave is just beginning, and the right time to ride it will come.

Oh, by the way, 8k broadcasting is planned for 2020 in Japan ;)

Would your fans want to see your videos in 4K?  Or is it all hype?  Tweet us @viso and let us know what you think.