Is This The Secret to YouTube Success?

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BlogPost 13.04

Great videos are key to popularity on YouTube but there’s another quality just as important: consistency.
Be consistent in the following 3 ways and you could see your audience growing in response.

Personal Brand
Keep the same style for all your graphics, fonts, colors, and identity. The more familiar viewers get with your look, the easier you’ll be able to build your YouTube recognition. Retaining the same style and feel throughout all your social media and related pages will separate you from the crowd of hundreds of thousands of content creators, and help you stay ahead of the game.

Episode Structure
Whether you’re doing reviews, uploading cooking lessons, or creating comedy sketches, give your audience the same episode format. Even something as simple as always showing an amazing shot of food during the first 10 seconds of a cooking video is a convention the audience will come to expect. The same structure every time helps your viewers know what’s going to happen next and when. Sticking to consistent content is also helpful. Don’t jump from topic to topic and instead keep to the focus your audience expects from you.

Upload Times
Are you going to upload your videos every Saturday at 5? The first day of every month? It’s your call, but provide a programming schedule and give the audience an opportunity to follow your next videos with a date and time. And, like your favourite TV show, a schedule will help your fans know when to tune in for your next video. An added bonus is that it will force you in the habit of making videos regularly.

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By Mariana Montes de Oca – Gamer, Tarantino fan and Jr Graphic Designer for BroadbandTV. Shout me a tweet in English, Spanish or Japanese to @idesignedhere.