Keyword Optimization on YouTube

How Changing the Tags of a Video Led to 150% Increase in its Daily Number of Views!

By Mehrdad Fatourechi

YouTube search is still the primary source of video discovery on this popular video sharing platform. This means that proper selection of metadata (i.e., title, description and tags) can play a huge role in the discovery of your videos, either through video search or through related videos. In fact, YouTube playbook gives metadata optimization an Impact Rating of 5, indicating that it has a major impact on related metrics (such as video ranking and video views). Pages 35-40 of YouTube playbook provide the details of how metadata optimization can help publishers with increasing the viewership of their videos. In this article, we focus only on one aspect of the process: tag optimization.

Tags provide relevant information about the video and can help search engines discover videos. According to YouTube playbook , for each video, we can dedicate up to 120 characters for tags. However, our experiments have shown that the number of characters can be significantly higher (500 characters), giving us a lot of flexibility in terms of selecting the relevant keywords.

It is recommended that you use a mixture of two sets of tags for your videos: general and specific. General tags can be used for all of your videos. Examples include the name of your channel (e.g., VISO Trailers) and the type of your content (e.g., Games).

Specific tags are the ones that are relevant to a video’s content. Examples include “Tangled” for a clip related to the movie Tangled. Another example is “World of Warcraft” or “WoW” for a “World of Warcraft” clip (tip: use quotes for phrases. As an example use “Justin Bieber” instead of Justin Bieber).

To increase views of  videos in your channel, you not only need to choose proper tags for new videos, but also update the tags for the videos in your archive.

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