4 Reasons You Need to Link Your YouTube Channel to Google+: Part 1

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If you haven’t already linked your YouTube channel to your Google+ brand page, do it soon!  Here are 4 reasons why this is an important step to consider:

1) Google+ Engagement

If you’re quite new to Google+, linking your YouTube channel is a great way to increase engagement and drive your YouTube audience to join your Google+ fan base.

2) Features

Take advantage of new features like Hangouts on Air.  Google+ Hangouts are live video chats with up to 10 people at a time.  With Hangouts on Air, you can stream your Hangout live from Google+ and YouTube, plus the conversation is recorded to your YouTube account.  The video can be shared publicly on your Google+ and YouTube accounts like any other video.

3) Branding

By linking the two platforms, you are building your brand across all of Google’s products.

4) Search

With Google and YouTube as two of the most popular search engines, bridging the platforms make it easier for your audience to find you anywhere on the web.

Note:  You can either merge your YouTube account with a G+ personal profile or, soon, a G+ brand page. If you want your channel name to appear as your name and want to add a personal touch, we suggest merging with a profile. If you want more flexibility over your channel name and also be able to create multiple logins for your YouTube channel we suggest merging with a brand page page.   More about the differences next week.

Step through this slideshow for a detailed guide on connecting Google+ and YouTube.