Linking Your YouTube channel to Your Google+ Brand Page – Part 2

Social Media A

As discussed in last week’s post, it’s important to link your YouTube channel to Google+ for many reasons, including consistent branding. Users will soon be allowed to connect their YouTube channel names to their Google+ brand page. You can even change your Google+ page name to match your YouTube identity. These new features allow you to develop your brand across the Google and YouTube platforms.

Besides branding, other benefits we mentioned last week include the growth of your Google + following, access to new features like Hangouts on Air, as well as improvement to your search. Here’s a short case study on how linking YouTube and Google+ enhances your search engine results significantly

Front Page Results

Type in ‘Kina Grannis’ in Google. Notice the right-hand side placement on the main search page (screenshot enlarges). This is Google’s Knowledge Graph, which has grown considerably since it launched. Kina Grannis is an American indie artist who knows how to connect to her online audience. She stole the hearts of YouTubers and performed at the 2008 Super Bowl thanks to a Doritos contest. She also got picked up by Interscope Records as a result of the contest, but in the end, turned it down to continue as an independent artist. Her channel has more than 100 million views, with her most popular video, Valentine, raking in 4 million views.

Kina has a visual preview that is on the front search page, which confirms her popularity and authenticity. How did she get this? She connected her YouTube channel to her Google Plus profile, and consistently interacts with her fans on it. Kina knows how to present a strong brand identity (mostly because her brand is herself) and uses social media tools to attract new audiences to her.

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