Make Your Mark: Choosing The Right Title


Hmmmm to click or not to click? That is the question on YouTube. Does a viewer click on your video, or keep scrolling through the results page? Video titles are vital to reaching higher viewership and are part of the metadata YouTube uses to categorize content. Your title needs to be both searchable and snappy – so viewers can find your uploads and choose to view your stuff.

We’ve all been told not to judge a book by its cover, right?  But let’s be honest, an audience is going to look at a video title and make a judgement call, so here are 4 tips to make sure they make the right one.

1. Make your title catchy and concise. Keep things fresh and simple to ensure viewers will be interested in watching your video.

2. Make sure you’re being accurate and honest. Don’t give viewers the wrong idea of what you’re about to show them.

3. Include 2-3 keywords at the beginning. Get the most important information out first to ensure you are searchable. Pay attention to what auto-fills pop up in the search to see what people are already looking for.

4. If your video is part of a series, make sure to add the number at the end.

So keep it honest, keep it clear and make sure you make the most of the few words you have! Remember, VISO Catalyst is designed to cut down on the time you spend optimizing, with features like Title Optimizer, so you can get back to creating videos and doing what you love.