Making Your Uploads Picture Perfect

Design B

So your video is awesome. It’s poetry in motion and a viral hit waiting to happen, but how’s it looking sitting still? That’s the question you need to be asking yourself when picking your thumbnail image.

Think of an iconic movie poster, you need an image that not only represents your content but grabs viewer interest. Thumbnails are really your visual marketing tools, and viewers can make snap judgments when scrolling through search results based on them alone. Getting them right will do wonders for your view count.

So what’s the art to a great image?

Images that compel clicks while accurately conveying your content are the ticket to success here. Make sure your image is in-focus, bright, eye-catching and appropriate. Also think of what will have the widest appeal to your target audience. Oh, make sure it’s scalable for smaller formatting too.

What can VISO Catalyst do?

The Thumbnail Generator within VISO Catalyst pulls the most appealing frames in your videos and offers you the best ones to choose from as thumbnails. The Thumbnail Customizer will enhance your thumbnails by accessing an extensive library of graphics, or allowing you to upload your own. You can even add text to your image to stand out and be more recognizable in searches.

So remember, great thumbnails will boost clicks in video search, the search related videos section, your channel page and playlists.