Marketing 101: How to Increase Views by Increasing “Utility”


One of the first words any business school student learns is utility the “want-satisfying” power of a good or service. How do you increase views and grow your subscribers? Give them what they want, of course!

From a marketer’s perspective, there are 4 types of utility: form, time, place and ownership. Here are ­­4 ways to think about how you can increase your channel views, which is the most frequently asked question from our partners.

1) Form

Form utility refers to the making of your product. Your product is your videos and we’ve said it before (but we’ll say it again): content is king. It doesn’t matter how spectacular your metadata (title, description, tags…etc.) is packaged. If your content isn’t interesting to your target audience, you won’t get a substantial amount of views.

2) Time

Time utility is making your videos available to when your target audience wants them. We’ve discussed tent-pole programming before, so you know that making videos about topical events, and making holiday or special events-themed videos around two weeks before can help you ride the search waves.

3) Place

Place utility is about making your videos available in convenient locations. Leveraging other social media platforms here, such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus can help increase your views for obvious reasons of giving link-backs to your videos. Try to get featured on other people’s channels – that’s a great place to aim to be seen. Commenting on other videos and channels in your niche market is a good way to connect with other content creators.

4) Ownership

Ownership utility means transferring the good or service from the marketer to the consumer. For us, that translates into getting your viewers to watch the whole video. Even though you may not be selling anything directly to your target audience, you want them to stay on your channel for as long as possible to increase your ad revenue. If they like what they saw, you want them to browse your branded channel and check out your other videos. Most of the top YouTubers use annotations or verbally thank their viewers for watching and finally ask them to subscribe to their channel for more videos. Don’t be shy; all it takes is to ask and many people will respond positively. End your videos with a call-to-action.

Marketing is about maintaining relationships that serve to benefit consumers, so one of the most important thoughts we want to leave off with is to encourage you to look at your YouTube Analytics. Understanding your audience is every marketing professors’ mantra, which goes back to content. Which videos have the most views, and which ones get the most comments and likes? Ideally, through giving utility to your viewers with every video, you can create a relationship that can turn into “brand loyalty” if you maintain it well. And who doesn’t want loyal subscribers who will watch and share every single video that is uploaded!

By Priscilla Ho, Social Media and Marketing Specialist at BroadbandTV Corp.
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