Final Weeks: New YouTube Layout Switch Part 1


Time to make a move! The YouTube One Channel Layout will be mandatory in a matter of WEEKS so if you haven’t started yet, it’s important for you to make the necessary changes now. This week, we look at the new Channel Art layout.

One of the most important aspects of One Channel is the scalability of the Channel Art across all different devices.

Take a look at the Channel Art dimensions here.  The new header is now a large 2560 X 1440 px image.

The middle bit 1546 X 423 px is your text and logo safe area – this is where you put all the most important stuff which can be seen everywhere including mobile. For all devices, the most crucial content should sit along the middle horizontal.  Viewers see different “slices” of the image depending on the device that’s used.

Need some more help?  Download our psd template and get started on creating a dynamic new image for your channel.

By Karen Young Chester, Senior Community Manager.  Tweet her at @karenychester or @viso.