New ‘YouTube One Channel’ Design is LIVE

Design B

Here’s What You Need to Know


After a month of buzz about YouTube’s planned revamp, the ‘YouTube One Channel’ Design is finally live! The changes are intended to create a consistent look for your channel across all screens and devices, as well as help you convert viewers to subscribers and build your fan base.

Ready to try the exciting new features? Here’s what to do:

1) Design New Channel Art - Create a stunning image that will act as your channel’s visual identity, and scales perfectly for every screen and device. Go here to download a template.

2) Create a Subscribe Trailer - All visitors who are non-subscribers will see an autoplay trailer to win you new followers. Make a rockin’ trailer which is short, engaging, and includes a call to action to subscribe.

3) Make the Switch – Go to, scroll down to the button at the bottom of the page to switch over.

4) Organize your Playlists – ‘YouTube One Channel’ lets you divide your playlists into customizable sections and arrange your videos however you please. You can control exactly what your viewers see when they visit your channel.

5) Promote Associated Channels – Do you have a cross-promotion relationship with other channels or maybe some other channels of your own? Send some love their way by linking directly from your page.

What do you think of the new changes? Tweet us @viso and let us know how ‘YouTube One Channel’ is working for you.