Are You The Next Education Guru?


Hey, you. You could be the person YouTube is looking for. YouTube wants content creators who are interested in becoming educators and they’ve recently launched the development program ‘YouTube Next EDU Guru’ to find unique creators who are passionate about sharing their knowledge with the world.

This is a unique opportunity to get training and mentoring directly from YouTube by attending a training camp in California this month, held in conjunction with Khan Academy. The program is open to residents of the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand. Click Here to find out more about the program guidelines and eligibility.

This initiative from YouTube signals a continuing shift which is happening in the realm of education, and it’s happening online. E-Learning websites like Khan Academy and understand that education is a global issue affecting many people who either do not have the financial means to achieve a post-secondary education or live in areas of the world where a quality education is not readily accessible; and they aim to change it.

YouTube joined the fight in late 2011 with YouTube For Schools, a division that focuses on creating a global, video classroom where students from all walks of life can learn. Videos range from elementary school science experiments to University level Philosophy and a boat load of topics in between, including ‘Lifelong Learning’ topics like how to grow potatoes in a bucket, for example.

Be a part of the change. Pass on your knowledge and skills through your YouTube channel – applying to become YouTube’s Next EDU Guru could be the step that you need.