Partner Tech Direction – Think ‘Insight’ for 2014


Last week, we mentioned a little bit about where VISO Catalyst will take us in 2014 and what we have planned for partners.  It’s a very exciting time for us as the Think Tank takes your feedback and works to continually evolve the companion platform that thousands of content creators are benefiting from.  Let’s take a look at the thinking behind our plans for the year.  Think, ‘insight’…

Hard to Rise if You Don’t Optimize

As many of you are aware, some of the top YouTubers out there are exceptional marketers in addition to their appealing personalities on camera.  VISO Catalyst already brings you intuitive keyword recommendations in 5 languages, title optimization, custom thumbnail capabilities and a ton of extra functionality, so what could we possibly add to that in 2014?

Without too much detail (it’s a surprise!), it all comes down to insight.  What’s a companion without intelligence, right?  Some awesome updates coming in the next few months are geared to help you get back to creating videos – faster and more easily than ever before.

Analysis Made Simple

Numbers are boring for most people, we know – that’s why VISO Catalyst has Big Picture!  When all of your most important stats are right in front of you at login with an easy to digest layout, you can make better decisions about your channel, and that’s important to everybody.  More importantly however, the VISO Catalyst team has already implemented actionable insights for the companion platform.

This year will be about getting even more out of your data so that you can have unprecedented control over the future of your channel. VISO Catalyst does the grunt work and makes informed recommendations – but the control and the direction is always up to you!

A Hint of More…

Ever wondered how you might more easily find other YouTubers to work with?  Stay tuned on our social media (with the icons below) for clues about more upcoming tech!