Q&A With Onision

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We want to welcome our latest VISO-nary, popular YouTuber Onision who’s been ‘Tubing it since 2006 and has built a passionate and widespread following. Here’s a short Q&A with the man himself:

Describe yourself and your channel OnisionSpeaks.
I am a director, actor, editor, composer & comedian with thousands of videos which have earned hundreds of millions of views online. The OnisionSpeaks channel is dedicated to giving advice, sharing ideas & generally supporting the YouTube community.

What’s the most common misconception about you, and what’s the actual truth behind it?
Many rumors have been spread about me, so much confusion exists regarding who I really am. The truth behind those rumors is that the people who spread them do not know me or what I’ve really gone through

What’s the single most important piece of advice for YouTubers to successfully build an audience?
Being successful on YouTube isn’t something many, if any, can provide a fool-proof guide to. What is
important is that you consistently look for ways to improve yourself, and take advantage of whatever people respond best to.

What’s next for Onision?
I have been working every day for years now to grow my channels, but sometimes that requires a shift in strategy. My main priority is reaching a wider audience, and in that, making more people smile/laugh.