6 Quick Tips for Your Channel Trailer


Creating a great channel trailer is the best way to tell your new audience who you are and why they should be watching your content.
You can use it to feature your playlists, feature your shows, or simply as a ‘Subscribe’ video that will speak for your content right away.

Here are some basics to help you master this technique:

• Keep it short and make an impression within the first 10 seconds of the video.
• Highlight the very best and most popular content of your channel.
• Create a unique Call to Action to Subscribe at the end of the video.
• Include all social media and other pages related to your channel in the description.
• Use relevant keywords and include the names of your shows and playlists.
• Music is key. This will set the mood and tone of the trailer. Creative Commons Sources are always handy.

We hope to see your epic trailers soon!