Up Your Revenue by Thinking Like an Advertiser



If you think like an advertiser, you will better understand how to increase the revenue you earn from the ads you allow on your videos. Are you:

  1. Categorizing your video content in one channel? Advertisers like to target their ad campaigns.
  2. Inputting the best tags for your content? The top tips recommended for advertisers is to pick the right keywords, so consider this when typing your title, description and tags.
  3. Finding ways to target audiences in USA, Japan, Germany, Canada, UK, Australia, Brazil and France? These are the top ten ad markets as of December 2012.
  4. Enabling all types of advertisements in your Video Manager?

Different Types of YouTube Ads

InVideo ads generate more revenue for partners. These transparent overlay ads show up at the 15 second mark on the lower portion of videos. They can be closed by the viewer and will be minimized automatically if nothing is clicked.

TrueView In-Stream ads are the most popular ads from an advertiser’s perspective because they only pay for the video ads that are actually viewed.

Product Placement videos show fewer ads. Also, running a paid product placement can create a conflict with ads YouTube would otherwise sell to partner videos. Unless you have sponsored products in your video, definitely don’t check “This video contains a paid product placement”.

Have more questions about ads? Email support@viso.tv or check out our Knowledgebase.

Written by Priscilla Ho, Social Media and Marketing Specialist at BroadbandTV.