Shooting Quality Video on the Cheap

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So you want to step up your video shooting game without breaking the bank?
Check out these 3 cameras that capture great video and won’t cost you an arm and a leg:

The iPod Touch/iPhone ($299+)

Believe it or not, these tiny devices sport a really nice HD camera that has been used for music videos and even films. You can currently purchase a new generation iPod touch for $299, which is not bad for a device that allows you to shoot 1080p HD video, surf the internet and even have filmmaking apps like the iSlate or the Artemis Director’s viewfinder. Check out these great videos shot with an iPhone camera
Gillian Chase –  Music video:
Framed – Short Film:

Sony NEX-5N ($398 + lenses)
The Sony NEX-5n is a DSLR in a point-and-shoot body that delivers amazing HD video and crisp 16MP photos. The full HD video this camera delivers is very crisp and can handle 60p shooting which will give you some great looking slow motion footage at full HD. The NEX-5N is great if you like being ready to shoot anytime and anywhere without having to lug around a huge bag full of camera gear. Since the NEX-5N is so lightweight and compact, it is commonly used for aerial videography with R/C helicopters.
These are some great samples of videos shot with the Sony NEX-5N:
Booths & Bodies – Short documentary

Little Island – Short Film

Panasonic GH2 ($699 + lenses)

If you want to get into the DSLR video world, this is THE camera you want to get. Many music videos, short films and even feature films have been shot with the Panasonic GH2. The GH2 has been tested against high end cameras such as the Sony F3 and the RED Epic,  proving that this $699 camera can produce images that can be matched with footage from cameras that cost 10 to 30 times more.Remember that you will need to buy lenses for this camera.  However, there are many cheap adapters that allow you to film with almost any lens on the market, including nice vintage lenses that can be had for $50 or less.
Here’s some awesome stuff shot with the GH2
Welterwerk – Music Video

Musgo – Feature film trailer

What about a webcam?  The one the YouTube recommends for Google Hangouts is the Logitech C910.
Keep in mind that even though all these cameras can record audio,  for more professional results you might want to record the sound separately because the internal microphones in these cameras do not deliver the best quality audio. Some good and inexpensive recorders are the Zoom H4N or the Tascam DR-100.
We live in exciting times where great image quality is not exclusive to the professionals anymore, so there’s no more excuses not to create visually stunning content and become the next YouTube sensation!