Stretching Out Social Media For Your YouTube Channel

Social media C

It’s amazing what a little ‘word of mouth’ can do for the perception of a YouTube channel, and there are so many tools available to us as YouTubers in the form of social media platforms.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the plethora of other social sites that have entered the spotlight over the past several years are aching for YouTubers to utilize.

But how do you really use social media to your advantage?  As Peter explains in the latest version of VISO Flipside, it comes down to a few major points:

1.  Link to your videos as often as possible

2.  Get your followers to engage about your channel

3.  Respond regularly

4.  Host contests if it’s within your budget

The tricks are to be active, and to encourage others to talk about you and your channel.  In some cases, even bad press can be good press if it gets more views – heck, Justin Bieber banks off of it enough.

Once you’ve got some chatter going, it’s important to keep people interested by staying on top of trending topics and capitalizing off of what got people talking in the first place.  Keep an eye out for what your viewers like, and cater to it as well as you can.  There’s no be-all-end-all formula for success on social media, but these tips are bound to get you in the right direction!