Top 5 Tips to Deal With Trolls


Trolls can be nasty little creatures that dwell on your YouTube channel, and can be more than just annoying – they can even have adverse effects on your community and your subscriber base.  The last thing we want as content creators is to have a Troll ruin all the hard work that we’ve put into our content, so how can you deal with Trolls in a way that will help you continue to build your channel and grow your audience in a positive way?  Check out our top 5 tips:

Be as Human as Possible

Regardless of what you’ve heard, internet Trolls aren’t like the ones you find under bridges – they don’t eat humans.  Keep engagement on your channel as human as possible to avoid a good portion of Troll behaviour.

Don’t Be Lured Into Troll Conversations

The kinds of Trolls may not be the bone-munching kind, but they’re still out to get under your skin.  If you come across a Troll that’s insulting your sensibility, try your hardest not to get offended and be sure to take the high road by avoiding confrontation.  You’ve got control of your channel, not them.

Be Positive

Trolls feed off of negativity, so it’s a good idea to starve them out of your community by remaining positive as you engage with your audience.  Remember though, it’s important to respond to legitimate concerns on your channel and it’s not always easy to point out which is which.  Use your best judgment and you’ll be fine.

Take Long Conversations Off of Your Channel

If you find yourself in a situation where you’re stuck talking with a Troll for any reason, try to encourage the conversation off of social media and into a more 1 on 1 space.  This can be anything from e-mail to personal message, and it’s a much better (and quieter) way to bring resolution to a Troll’s concerns.

If All Else Fails – Block Them

YouTube and other social media platforms want to give you control over malicious comments on your channel.  Use the ‘Block’ feature sparingly, but don’t be afraid of it.  And if you’re a VISO Partner, you can use VISO Catalyst to track comments on your channel quickly and easily through the ‘Engagement’ panel through the interface.

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