Unlocking Your Personal Brand

Social Media B

When your name comes to mind, what’s the first thing that pops into someone’s head? Are you the group jokester, the resident Yoda or Mr. no-nonsense? Who you are plays into what you do online, or at least it should. How you are viewed is often tied in to your personal brand.

On YouTube, your brand is what links your content together. It’s that personal seal that makes you different, or more importantly memorable! Through this you build up your reputation, and the stronger this is, the better for your channel.

To build up your personal brand you need to decide how you want to position yourself. So ask yourself a few important questions:

1. What makes me different?

What is it that people comment on the most when they think of you? Discover what it is that get’s people talking about you in the first place.

2. Who’s my audience?

You need to be on their level if you want to be relatable so get into their shoes and think like a fan.

3. How does this match up to what I am doing?

This is where the magic really happens – where you take your content and give it your own personal spin, to create branded videos that your audience will recognize and respond to! It’s like when plain macaroni gets covered in cheese! Delicious.

VISO Catalyst is built with tools to upload and optimize your content and will help you maintain your personal brand. This way you can get back to creating content and keep people talking about you and your channel. So start thinking about what makes you YOU and how to deliver this in your content.