Using CaptionTube to Improve Your Video SEO

If you’re creating videos for YouTube, one of the best tools you can use for optimizing your videos is CaptionTube ( This handy tool adds subtitles and captions to your videos and improves your video’s searchability in two ways:

a) It provides text that Google can read which greatly influences your ranking on the search engine.
b) It can support captions in multiple languages, allowing you to increase your reach on a global scale.

Here are simple steps for captioning your video and optimizing its search engine rank immediately:

1) Go to CaptionTube and sign in

2) Either upload your own video or input the URL of a video you own already in YouTube.
3) Click edit to enter the edit window.
4) Play the video.
5) As you listen to each phrase, mark the in and out points, click add caption, and transcribe each phrase until the video is complete.
6) When you’re done, click publish.
7) Download the caption file.
8 ) Go to your video’s caption and subtitles page on YouTube and upload the caption file.
9) Add new captions.
10) View on video page to check.

Adding subtitles and captions through CaptionTube is a simple way of boosting your rank in search engines. The text enables search engines to search your video easily, increase your ranking, and add exposure to your video. With the multi-language capabilities on CaptionTube you can also easily increase your viewership in other countries.

By Karen Young Chester, Social Media and Marketing Strategist for BroadbandTV.  You can email her at