VISO Comedy Has Launched!


We are excited to announce the launch of our latest entertainment channel – VISO Comedy, an online collision of sketch comedy videos, improv, pranks, and parodies. Partnering with some of the most talented comedians and troupes found on YouTube, we’ve created a whipsmart channel with premium quality content that will press all your funny buttons. Check out comedy groups like Working Fish – their web series, Mermates, follows a regular joe who becomes roomies with a mer-man. If you like it a little off-kilter, you’ll love the Associates of Awesome and their seriously whacked out comedy sketches. Want to ROFL?¬†Zach Daulton teaches you the art of creepy in “The Creep’s Guide”.

VISO Comedy joins our diverse array of channels focused on entertainment, gaming and non-profit. VISO Trailers is YouTube’s top movie trailers channel with over 1.1 billion views and ¬†VISO Games ranks as one of the top premium content gaming channels on YouTube. Our other verticals include our non-profit channel VISO Give, classic movies on VISO Cinema, and our indie music hub, VISO Music. Launching VISO Comedy builds on our continuing goal to find the best content for our viewers, and to partner the future stars of YouTube. Get ready to watch, and laugh.

By Karen Young Chester, Social Media and Marketing Strategist for BroadbandTV. Tweet her @karenychester or @viso or email at socialmedia[at]