What Makes a Video Go Viral?

Have you seen the “Double Rainbow” video, which as of today has more than 34 million views? According to Kevin Allocca, YouTube Trends Manager, viral videos have three things in common:

1) Tastemakers – People who have high influential power and reach to a large audience. For example, even though the Double Rainbow video was posted in January 2010, it wasn’t until Jimmy Kimmel tweeted about the video in July 2010 that the video got millions of views.

2) Participation – Certainly you’ve seen, or at least heard, the Nyan Cat, which has had more than 75 million views. What makes a repeat roll of an animated cat so popular? The fact that other people could remix the song and put sunglasses or sombrero hats on the cat made it a universal “inside joke”.

3) Unexpectedness – There’s always a certain element of this in trending videos, which tickles your funny bone naturally! Casey Neistat, who made a video about bike lanes, got over 5 million views. No doubt he got his point across.

Watch this TED Talk to hear what Kevin has to say. Let us know if you agree or had some other thoughts in the comments below.

By Priscilla Ho, Social Media and Marketing Specialist at BroadbandTV Corp.
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