YouTube Emergency: What to Do When You’ve Lost Your Video Backup

After you upload your video onto YouTube, we’re sure that you keep a well-guarded original on your hard drive. However, there may be unfortunate occasions when you lose your backup – say, when you press that delete button by accident or your hard drive gets toasted. If you find yourself in the situation where you don’t have a copy of your video anywhere except online, you’ll have to download direct from YouTube.

Some of the best options for grabbing straight from YouTube (or other video sites like Vimeo) is to download an extension onto your browser. Here are the best (and FREE) add-ons from Firefox and Chrome for downloading video when you’ve lost your backup. You’ll want to keep this list because for different sites or various reasons, one extension may fail and you’ll need to try another – so keep this handy!

1) Video DownloadHelper 4.9.9 (Firefox)

Downloads and converts videos from YouTube and hundreds of other video sites. Also works for audio and picture galleries

2) Flash Video Downloader – YouTube Downloader 3.6.1 (Firefox)
Download any video from YouTube or similar sites. Also downloads mp3, mp4, avi, Flash games, and more

3) YouTube Downloader 1.1 (Chrome)
Downloads videos straight from your YouTube page

4) Easy YouTube Downloader 4.1 (Chrome)
The most popular Firefox YouTube downloader now comes to Google Chrome providing the easiest method to download YouTube videos in FLV, MP3, 3GP, MP4, 720p and 1080p FULL-HD video qualities

5) KeepVid
Another solution you might want to consider is which allows users to download and save any streaming video. However, this option does cost approximately $30 USD / year for a license to use.

By Karen Young Chester, Social Media and Marketing Strategist for BroadbandTV.  You can email her at